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Laivapesu Oy Finnwash

Professional textile care in the greater Helsinki area

Laivapesu has worked in the capital area since 1956. Our strong traditions are an excellent basis for modernising our services to become sustainable and environmentally friendly – without sacrificing quality. We have specialised in cleansing and repairing specifically hotel linen and restaurant tablecloth and linen, as well as different working attire. In addition we sell and rent quuality professional textiles and advise in choosing textiles for different uses.

Our location in Malmi, Helsinki, allows for flexible and convenient service. Our own delivery service allows us to react to customers’ needs quickly.

Over 60 years of satisfied customers

We have dedicated ourselves to diverse service to our customers, and today we can offer our clients everything they need in textile care from door to door.

We employ on average 20 persons in our company.

We are members of the following organisations:

Our auditors are KPMG.

Laundry services

Our long-term operation is based on flexible service and excellent quality, but we also want to act in an environmentally friendly way.

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Maintenance of work attire and uniforms

When you want to keep your working clothes comfortable and neat. We offer maintenance services for your work attire, which includes an individual agreement for washing and repair with delivery.

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Sale and rental services

We offer our hotel and restaurant clients the possibility to buy and rent professional textiles from our diverse selection.

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